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About Winter

Source + Stone is the practice of what I do; retrieving information and messages from the ether (source energy) and bringing it into the tangible, accessible form of the physical for you to use.

My background: Born into a lineage of intuitively gifted women, I learned about Spirit and energy at an early age. Between my mother's guidance on energy work and connection to Spirit, my grandmother's enthusiasm and curiosity for the unknown, I was encouraged to explore my own psychic gifts as they unfolded, revealing a world of magic, love and possibility!

My services: I focus on honoring the inner voice and heart wisdom through the combination of counseling and energy work called Intuitive Soul Guidance. Working with various forms of energy has enabled me to understand the connections between ourselves and Spirit, our environment and each other.

I'm the author of Goddess Grows Up: You are the Gift! It has great tools on working with your abilities for empowerment through intuitive and empathic development <3

I’m also an Usui Reiki Master, an ordained interfaith minister and I also lead the New Moon Goddess Circles at Lakewood Community Acupuncture. I offer classes online and occasionally mentor students from time to time :)

It is a joy and an honor to be with you on your journey!

An experience with Winter leaves you both nurtured and refreshed. We did a space clearing which worked through the physical and mental. Knowledgeable, intuitive and a wonderful sense of humor. Highly recommended!
— Joan, New York, NY

See What People Are Saying

I absolutely loved working with Winter. Not only is she so gifted and intuitive, but also her warm demeanor made me feel completely comfortable and safe. I would definitely go back to her for more sessions and I highly recommend doing energy work with Winter!
— Julie, New York, NY

I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore spiritualist, but something definitely happened in my session with Winter - I met my totem, and he spoke to me . . . it was magic!
— Claire, Brooklyn, NY

My long-distance reading was more powerful than I expected. I was satisfied with my reading - Winter was spot on with her guidance and use of her talents. I would recommend her to everyone and would love to get another reading again soon.
— Virginia, Detroit, MI
I feel more calm and grounded. This has helped me with my addictions and crutches to cigarettes and alcohol. She showed me how to use crystals to help heal and guide me as well. I am forever grateful to her!
— Stefny, Denver, CO

The full moon cleansing circle I attended with Winter leading was probably the most profound spiritual group experience I have ever had. Her energy is warm, grounding, energizing, and powerful. I felt more alive and full of purpose when I returned to my normal life than I had in months!
— Lynsey, Missoula, MT