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Healing happens in many forms, on many levels and looks different for every person. As a practitioner I help others access their healing on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. Using my tools of intuition, divination, energy work and shamanic practices, I can assist you in reaching a point of clarity and understanding so that you can move through your process with greater ease.

This guidance is useful for anyone seeking greater flow and harmony in their relationships (romantic, family life and friendships), major changes (work, love and home life), soul healing (past traumas, emotional wounding) and much, much more.

$100 / Session

Payable via Paypal / Venmo / Square

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After we've worked together in a session, my divination services are available to you on an as-needed/on-call basis!

Contact me through email or instant messenger (IG, FB or Whatsapp) with your inquiry and I will provide an on-the-spot recorded reading available to you via Google Drive.

Rate is $1.25/minute, length of reading is determined by the purchaser

Payable via PayPal / Venmo / Square (Credit Card)

eGift cards are available!

Give the gift of a reading or healing session this season to someone you care about:

Winter is a true Shaman, her ability to guide and unleash one’s spiritual ancestral knowledge is exactly what this world needs.
— Laura, Brooklyn, NY

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Workshops are available online!

You are MAGIC: The Course - This course is all about manifestation, especially for those who get stuck in the process. Create the life you want, in less time! 5 lessons, 1 lesson a week. Includes bonuses: (2) Channeled Tarot readings - at the beginning and at the end of the course to measure your progress, weekly mini Skype check-ins and email support throughout the length of the course.

Heartfull Healing Academy: Want to connect with your intuition in a deeper way? Have questions about energies, spirits, guides and all things woo? In this monthly workshop series I share the tools I used to grow and strengthen my intuitive abilities because I believe we are all naturally psychic! Perfect for those who are new to being intuitive and /or empathic.

When Tarot Talks! A Conversation Through the Cards: Learn how to read the Tarot in an intuitive, fun and approachable way in an online group setting. Informational sheets are provided as well as unlimited email support throughout the length of the course.


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