Week of 10/24 - 10/31


Keywords - death & rebirth, transition, endings & beginnings (Ioho Yew) guidance from the past, ancestors, lineages, books, texts & scrolls (Phagos Beech)

How interesting that not one, but two trees decided to come forth for our messages this week!  Last week was the New Moon, which is a ripe time for sowing new intentions and ideas.  However it's just as important (if not more so) to release that which is no longer useful to us - things need space to grow!

The Ioho Yew is gently nudging us to consider what we might still be holding onto from the past - or present - in order to truly put it to rest once and for all.  It's very easy to navigate life with an outdated operating mode but if it's blocking you from what you'd like to see in your life, it's time to restart.

The Phagos Beech is supporting you in any new endeavors we might want to take in learning something new or a field of study that has piqued your interest.  Whether you seek guidance from your ancestors or elders, drawn to research your lineage or travel to distant lands with sacred sites, the time is nearing to fulfill those yearnings.

I am the Phagos Beech tree.  I am a book to you and I encourage the learning of wisdom.  You may be involved in a project or endeavor that will take an entire year to complete, thus you will be working through a whole cycle.  I encourage you to work hard and be diligent, and I ask you not to give up.  This is your soul work.