Week of 11/1 - 11/8


Keywords - bringing things to fruition, abundance, community, enjoyment, psychic, celebration, laughter, prophecy

Muin Vine promises abundance and fulfillment.  You harvest what you have worked so hard to create.  Expect results and tangible manifestation  Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the recognition and applause.  However, do not take this fulfillment for granted; be gracious and count your blessings.  This will allow you to remain in a state of receptivity!  Creative expression through the arts, theatre, writing and performance are highlighted.  This is a time for something BIG.  Tap into the energy to harness expansion, creativity and generosity.  This is also an excellent time to seek the oracle, as Muin Vine encourages prophecy.  Find a good reader or select your own favorite tool.

I am the Muin Vine and I bring you the fruits of your labor.  I promise you the rewards of completion and I hope you have been cultivating the very best.  Take a moment to give gratitude for that which is good in your life and for the mysteries and magic of Mother Nature.  Honor your community, your family and your friends.  Take a moment, also, to thank yourself!