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Week of 9/25 - 10/1

SUNDANCER & PIPE CARRIER from the White Eagle Medicine Wheel Deck

Keywords - compassion, endurance, meditation & reconnection to self

This week Team Spirit has two cards for us!  When I shuffle the cards every week, I ask the Divine what messages they have for us about the energy of the upcoming week.  Sundancer card presents us with an Eagle whistle, which carries our breath and our prayers to the Divine.  We are reminded to be compassionate and to remember others who may be in need of assistance.  When we care for others, we care for ourselves because we are all related on this Earth!  Pipe Carrier card reminds us of our unique gifts that we often forget; to remember them all we need to do is turn inward to reflect and appreciate who we are.  Nourishing ourselves is important in order to care for the Self.

At first glance these two cards might seem at odds but really, the overall message is about balance.  If you find yourself reflected more in one card than the other, let it serve as a gentle nudge to consider the other path as a way to come back into balance. Above all, fill your cup first so that you can be a vessel of love for others <3!