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Week of 10/17 - 10/23

BEITH BIRCH from the Celtic Tree Oracle

Keywords - endings and new beginnings, cleansing and purification, releasing old patterns, overcoming difficulties, shedding the old, new growth and renewal

What perfect timing that Beith Birch comes to us!  This week also brings us the New Moon; both are opportunities for us to listen carefully to the quiet voice within and set our intentions for the year to come - November 1st is the Celtic New Year! 

As we prepare for Halloween or Dias de los Muertos, this is also the time that we can release old patterns, acknowledge disappointments & regrets to release them and embrace our achievements.  By doing this we can plant the seeds of future possibilities and establish the foundation for the year ahead, albeit the dark half of the year - in which the new seeds need to gestate or begin to sprout in the dark.

To get ready for the New Moon in Libra on October 19th, do your best to forgive yourself and others.  Relationships are highlighted this week and so can be reviewed for growth, stagnation or renewal.

Let go of any need for separation and judgment.  Allow yourself to remember how it feels to enjoy yourself and feel as one with everything and everyone.  We will begin a whole new story that is set in this very moment, where everything is already given.