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Week of 9/18 - 9/25

HORSE from the White Eagle Medicine Wheel Deck

Keywords - power, energy, freedom of spirit

Horse is here to challenge us in taking possession of our power.  Have you been giving your power away?  Or do you find that your mind is easily dominated by fear, anxiety or doubts?  The ego mind, also referred to as the "little self" in the Medicine Wheel Deck, can run rampant if we are not mindful enough to take control.  True freedom is found within and you have the strength & endurance to live your life as you choose.  When you feel your strength lagging, call upon Horse and its powerful presence to help you.

Horse also asks us to expand our horizons.  This can mean taking a trip to a place, any place, you haven't been before.  Connecting with new people, places and spaces will help you to reconnect with your inner freedom as you explore!