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Week of 10/1 - 10/8

DUIR OAK from the Celtic Tree Oracle

Keywords - strength, stability, grounding and endurance, ancient knowledge, doors and thresholds, boundaries

We switch back briefly to the Celtic Tree Oracle deck in honor of the turning season and the wisdom that the trees have to offer us so readily as we watch them prepare for their slumber.

As we enter October bringing with us the last of the harvest and appreciating our abundance for the colder months ahead, Oak gifts us with practicality, common sense and the ability to bring things to completion.  This is a time to take a hike or go to the part, taking in the beauty of the Earth while she's changing.  Oak is also an indicator of conception, whether a child, a new project, business or other creative endeavor.  Knowledge, information, guidance and wisdom is promised as well as synchronicity.  Doors are opening up for you and thresholds are meant to be crossed.  The timing could not be better; with the Full Moon in Aries this week we are given an extra boost of energy for our passions, so use it for the dreams that really light you up!