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Week of 9/10 - 9/17

GORT IVY from the Celtic Tree Oracle deck.

Keywords - labyrinth, inner knowing, steady growth, determination, soul searching, spiral dance, DNA, spiritual journey.

Ivy grows in spirals, reminding us that life moves in a circular yet forward motion for individuation and soul growth.  Ivy is hardy, pushing through concrete and walls.  It never gives up. She promises growth, resurrection and renewal as we move through our shadows to gain insight.

Ivy in a reading asks us to tap into your own inner knowing, spiraling into yourself and spending time at your very core.  Here you can expect to receive new direction and guidance from your higher Self.  The answers lie within you but to access them, you must journey to your soul's inner light.

To do this, you can enter the realm through meditation, listening to uplifting music, taking quiet time in nature for reflection or through dreams and journaling.  We can access information by asking a question of ourselves before we fall off to sleep, to receive an answer in dreamtime.  The answer will often come at the early dawn hours just before waking.  Pay close attention and have a pen & paper nearby :)!