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Week of 10/9 - 10/16

NGETAL REED from the Celtic Tree Oracle

Keywords - direct action, movement, focus, intention, conviction, on purpose, progress, skill

The Ngetal Reed represents a portal as it is hollow; it beckons us to create and hold space for the fulfillment of our intentions, dreams and desires through direct action when we focus on a desired outcome.  

Today is the day.

Set your intentions and back them up with daily affirmations.  I like to create positive and energizing ones, putting them in the notes of my phone so I can refer to them at a moment's notice.  This is especially helpful when you're feeling doubtful or anxious.

This card can also indicate a need to reset your intentions & goals to make them more current, realistic or to re-energize them.  Take stock, write down ways you can implement your dreams and find a buddy who can be a support and a witness as you launch your ideas into reality.

No more apathy, please.  Align with spirit and ask for direction.  Align with the power of the owl or the pike.  They know how to stalk and hunt.  What do you want?  It is time to go for it.  Stick to your resolve.  Set your intention and take steps toward outcomes.  I ask you to take yourself seriously.  Believe in yourself.  You are here for a purpose: to fulfill your own choices.  Believe in a positive outcome, take action with creativity and a spirit of fun.