Week of 11/15 - 11/22


Keywords - the moon, bounty and abundance, intuition, wisdom, insight, knowledge, divination, higher perspective.

COLL HAZEL is about compassion and love for our family and friends as well as gratitude for the abundance of Mother Earth.  Hazel supports our emotional life, connecting us to the moon and the waters of our planet.

Hazel is bringing the principle of feminine nature and receptivity to our attention.  Our female lineages have wisdom for us as well as our spiritual heritages.  Take some time this week to tune in and listen for nurturing messages from your body and from Spirit.  Show your intuition that you want to engage by visiting a body of water; a pond, a lake, a river or a stream.  Appreciate the cycles of nature and of your life - what cycle are you experiencing right now?

I represent your own inner wisdom.  I am that small, still voice inside that is sometimes hard to hear.  I stand for the heart wisdom; you'll find my speaking in a babbling brook or a dense forest.  I am the birth of your own dreams and visions.