Week of 11/23 - 11/30


Keywords - fulfillment, delight, light, sudden insights, release, energy, illumination

OIR SPINDLE represents sudden flashes of insight and brings illumination and clarity.  She is about fulfillment and delight - in particular, the fulfillment that comes after the completion of tasks.  Therefore, this tree encourages us to put aside our excuses, evasions and denial.  We are encouraged to get work done, complete our goals so we can fulfill our aspirations.  Remember you are a being of light and to see the light in every person you meet and every situation you enter.

I am the candle within you.  What inspires you?  How can you keep that inner light burning, even in great darkness?  I help you embrace change appreciate your own insight and sudden flashes of knowing.  I help you awaken, take yourself seriously.

I am your hope and your inner light and I am here to remind you of your awesome potential and creative nature.  Let me inspire you.