Week of 11/30 - 12/6


Keywords - renewal, release, regeneration, death, birth / rebirth, transmutation

RUIS ELDER comes to us again to let us know that yet another cycle is ending; not just the cycle of the year coming to a close but also of personal cycles.  How has the past few months changed you?  What realizations have you had?  Did you acquire any new skills such as deeper insights, greater clarity or a growing capacity for love and empathy?  The Elder encourages us to use the quiet time of year for introspection, personal withdrawal and release.  Let go of that which is no longer relevant but save the seeds of new hopes and new potentials that you will care for and nurture over the winter.

As you take stock of your year, look at the themes.  Give yourself credit for what you accomplished.  Surrender old ideas, outworn patterns or stagnant relationships.

I am here to guide you as you let go of the past and review what has been created.  I hold you as you look at everything that has been created up to this point.  I thank you for your endeavors and hard work.  I see your joys and disappointments.  I honor you for everything that you have experienced in this cycle of growth.  I support you totally as you bring things to an end and I offer you encouragement as you look to the future and to bright new horizons. 

It is time to begin a whole new chapter in your life at a whole new level.