Week of 11/8 - 11/15


Keywords - all knowledge, silence, meditation, prayer, Great Spirit, Source, sacred places, divinity, totems, guides & deities.

KOAD GROVE represents the most important day in the Celtic cosmology; The Day, which falls on October 31st and marks the end of the Celtic year.  We also know this day as Samhain or Halloween.  This is a day that we give gratitude for and make space to connect with our guides, totems and ancestors.  Here we stand within the protection of the grove and enter sacred space.  The Grove is representative of all knowledge, of the temple, the holy of holies and the Great Silence.

Koad Grove asks us to reconnect to what is important to us spiritually and to give gratitude.  By considering the sacred and connecting with spirit/source we can receive messages from our ancestors as they share the wisdom they carry from Source.  If you don't have a spiritual practice that supports you, it might be time to develop one.  Spending time in nature and finding a tree or grove of trees that you feel drawn to is an excellent place to start, especially if you don't have a lineage that you feel called to.

We are the Grove and we send you love. We hold you and ground you.  A grove of trees is a holy place.  Make time to find a group of trees and sit among them, feeling their energy.  Here at the portal of the grove and within your own heart, we invite you to open to the light.  We come from expanded awareness and we return to expanded awareness.  This is available to you as well.  We will help you to know exactly what is right for you in the next moment and all the moments to come.