Week of 12/17 - 12/24


Keywords - protection, intuition, discrimination, spiritual strength, astral travel, magic

LUIS ROWAN offers you protection.  It represents the time of year of Yule, celebrating the winter solstice, the rebirth of the sun and honor the great mothers who gave birth to inspired sons.  Rowan advises us to seek protection from enchantment or control of others over us.  We are reminded of our ability to astral travel as we are Spirit embodied in physical form.  We are also encouraged to connect with universal unconditional love and higher consciousness.

Luis Rowan will make you aware of others' manipulations or power plays - and also may alert you to your own manipulation.  She asks you to keep your wits about you and allows you to discriminate between what is good for you and what is not.  She strengthens your intuition, especially in business ventures or new relationships.  She asks you to mother yourself well; weed out thoughts, emotions and actions that do not reflect your higher self.  It's like taking out the garbage on a daily basis and is especially important when something powerful needs to be resolved.  As a magnificent god or goddess you are being intentional and responsible for everything you create!

I am the lovely Luis Rowan tree.  I am a tree that invites you to write down your dreams, listen to music, make art, play with collage, build something with your hands, or simply sit quietly and be in silence.  Winter is a beautiful time of year and the extra hours of darkness allow you to enter your internal world, where riches await your discovery.  Feed your heart with love:  Imagine a purple flame there that increases with every breath of love you offer it.  Let this loving fire expand and warm every part of you.  Let it sweep away your fears and limitations.  Let it rekindle the heat of your imagination.  You are a genie; you have access to everything you need.

I help you choose the path of health, joy and vibrancy.  Allow the Great Mother to love you and support you.