Week of 12/24 - 12/31


Keywords - fulfillment and abundance, sweetness, hope, persistence, gathering together what you need

OHN FURZE/GORSE is all about fulfillment and abundance.  We are encouraged to share what we have with others and to practice sweetness in our lives.  The gorse or furze continually bloom with bright golden-yellow flowers that represent hopefulness yet it also has thorns which represents persistence.  This bush reminds us that an attitude of gratitude and appreciation can be applied to any situation as well.

Ohn Furze/Gorse in a reading represents abundance.  Its hallmark is generosity.  You are encouraged to share what you have with others, now.  Giving is the best way to receive.  It is all about sweetness: how do you create the nectar of honey in your life?  Cultivate an atmosphere of light and cooperation; work with others to create good.  This is a perfect time to give gratitude for what you have, to count your blessings. Be willing to stand as a light for others at this time.  Share your illumination.  This bush also suggests developing the skill of collecting.  You are gathering around you what you need to reach your goal or destination.  You are collecting what you need to reap results.  Consider what you are creating, what you are collecting about you.  Do you cultivate sweetness or distress and drama?  If you have a goal, collect good people around you for support.

I am the Furze/Gorse bush and there is no month in which I do not retain my blooms.  I am here to remind you that you too, are everlasting.  I encourage you to be ever blooming, as well, sharing your abundance and gifts with the world.  I link the inner and outer worlds with the promise of fulfillment and joy.

Consider what it is that you must collect in order to manifest your goals and aspirations.  Do you need support, love and encouragement?  Or do you need actual physical help?  Ask for what you need and collect that which will aid you.  Write down your goals and aspirations and imagine the bright yellow-gold of blossoms flowing on to the page, saturating you with hope and faith.  I will help you to attract a combination of positive forces and possibilities into your life, right here, right now!