Week of 12/3 - 12/10


Keywords - reflections, as above so below, mirrors, uniting inner and outer worlds

NUIN ASH prompts us to connect our inner world with our outer world.  Take a look around you.  Now take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Does the outer world or your environment reflect who you are or who you are becoming?  Going within not only connects us to our inner wisdom but to universal knowledge as well...the universe is continually responding to our actions, desires and thoughts.  By seeking communication with our higher self and with divinity we are able to follow our intuition and the dictates of our higher heart and mind.

I have come to tell you it is safe to dive into your interior world.  Here you can receive guidance, healing and assurance.  If you find that you are not moving forward, try to practice patience and keep your intention clear. Sometimes you are asked to wait for the perfect alignment between the right moment and what you desire.  Check in.  When you create a strong and loving energy field, you draw to you what it is you desire because like attracts like.

Sometimes restraint is necessary as the Universe lines up the building blocks for what you want to manifest.  I am here to teach you patience and faith.  Sometimes you are asked to mend fences or clean up your act before things can fall into place.  This is the best medicine or a broken heart.

*note:  I'm adjusting the dates to fit with the timing of when I pull the cards and as I did this on the full moon, the oracle will coincide more closely with the lunar energies as they occur.