The idea of combining minimalism and spirit is not a new one.  Many spiritual teachers have written books on the subject in the way of keeping spirituality simple.  It can seem like a lovely idea when reading the ideology but what does simple spirituality look like to you?  The art of creating sacred space (maximizing) through the letting go of everyday distractions (minimizing) can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Creating space for simple spirituality can take the form of listening to your heart by dropping into your body for a few focused minutes a day or by allowing yourself to escape humanity for a few days.  When we disconnect to reconnect = we minimize to maximize.

Our lives are deeply affected by our environments and constant influx of information through social media, family & friends.  When we consciously choose to go inward to listen to the wisdom of our body or if we have the ability to physically put ourselves into another space altogether, we can see how simple spirituality can be and the immensity of our spiritual connection as it fills the space we give it.  We make the outer part minimal so that spirit - our inner voice - can be maximized.  

There are different ways you can approach simple spirituality; the trick is to find a method that works for you.  The workplace is a prime spot for creating space for spirit.  We spend at least half of our days in a work environment so why not create one that supports us energetically? Here are some paths I’ve found to be helpful in certain scenarios:

Get outside - Get out of your workspace by taking a walk around the block, to the closest park or to a nearby body of water.  Find a place to sit, take a deep breath and let it go.  Unfocus your eyes by gazing at a tree, the grass, or across the river.  Feel the earth underneath you.  Nature will take care of the rest as your body grounds itself.

Chill inside - If you can’t leave your workspace and have a cubicle or your own office, bring a crystal with you to work.  Quartz or Citrine are both good in the work environment; Quartz helps to clarify, heal and generate positive energy while Citrine amplifies your good feelings, increases confidence and attracts prosperity.  Keep it in your desk drawer, in your pocket or wear on a necklace.  A yoga mat stowed away in a closet or under a desk is great to have to sit on the floor, which is another way to ground yourself especially if you can’t get outside that day.  It also allows you to view things from another perspective, stretch or take a quick savasana!

Wander after - Take the long way or a different way home and observe your surroundings.  The simple act of attentiveness to what’s going on around you is enough to shift your energy by detaching from your thoughts of what’s next (like dinner, a show on tv or feeding your pet) and focusing on the now.  Bonus points if you treat yourself to a cup of tea for your walk or pick up some inexpensive flowers on the way home to brighten your space. 

The methods above are just the beginning.  For those that are seeking a deeper experience and want to really expand their connection to spirit by escaping humanity for a few days, the hermit’s journey is the way to go.  I experienced this firsthand when I went out to Montauk last February for 3 nights, disconnected from social media and loved ones to reconnect with spirit and that greater power that loves and supports us all.  

Winter ClarkComment