We all have this streak of the wild feminine mystery.  Mine began when I was 12 years old...creating fantastical stories about all of the animals in the backyard, while my mother taught me goddess chants that I wouldn't remember until my late 30's.  I didn't know this thing had a name but I loved the feeling of discovery, experiencing the wonder and the mystery of the unknown.  

As I grew older I found that these same sensations tend to fall by the wayside. Sometimes it gets replaced with wild brunches (great in their own right), late nights out partying (also fun), or fanatical exercise (who doesn't love endorphins??). Sometimes it can get replaced with lack; putting off those things that bring us deep contentment and joy such as spending time on crafting, dancing with abandon, looking at beautiful art, taking a moment to relax in the park or going the long way home just to switch things up.

Feeding your soul is real & necessary to keep your inner wild woman alive.  She will reward you with insight, sound intuition, a happy and healthy body as well as a vibrant heart.  When you honor yourself by making & taking time for your self, you become stronger, more flexible and so much more open to the possibilities you dream of!

My loves, this is my request for you:  Start small.  Go outside.  Feel the earth...the sidewalk, the dirt beneath your feet, the sun on your face.  Notice all of the plants around you.  Turn it into a game; there are so many blooms that find their way into the nooks and crannies, just waiting to be seen.

Breathe deeply.

Then make a list of all the things you love to do and which bring you absolute joy.  This is your love action plan.

Pick two things.

Do them this week or next.  It will feel so good, you'll want to reach for more.

Do it..!!

Do it for your wild woman <3

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