When I was in college I had an experimental phase.  I think most people do around that age.  I was at the beginning of my twenties and I had been exploring possibilities.  The things I was exploring were a little different than the rest of the crowd though.  I had been building and maintaining an altar into my teens on my own (no instructions) and experimenting with the power of focus through spell work.  I had books on elemental magic and moon wisdom but I couldn't find the things I was experiencing in them.  How do you name and find something you don't understand?  

One night when I came home late from school I entered the house quietly, not wanting to disturb my family.  My room was in the basement so it was easy enough to tiptoe downstairs. Once I crossed the threshold of the laundry area to where the door of my room was, I froze.  My door was shut but I could hear talking.  They were distinctly women's voices, maybe two or three of them having a discussion.  As I strained to listen to what they were talking about it dawned on me that they were speaking in another language.  What language it was exactly I couldn't discern.  

I considered what to do.  I couldn't stand here all night and try to figure out what they were saying.  So I took a deep breath and cleared my throat, loudly enough for it to be heard on the other side of the door.  The voices stopped immediately and I slowly opened the door.  There was no one there.  

I slept with the lights on that night.

I was spooked for a little while but it eventually became just "one of those things" I became accustomed to as a psychic.  Being curious and open introduced me to different levels and layers of things in this world and beyond.  As I got older and found my way through the mystery - sometimes on my own and sometimes with the help of others - I began to understand things differently. We can choose the world we live in, whether it's three dimensional or five dimensional.  I chose five dimensional because honestly, it chose me and showed me different ways of approaching the world around me.  For me, these dimensions or layers include what we deal with in the everyday world with the addition of Spirit and our intuition (or higher Self).

This experience is one of many that I've had and continue to have.  The work that I do involves travel and communication on different levels and layers but I tie it all together in a way that flows seamlessly.  It will transform you if you are open to seeking a way to understand & use your truth as your compass.

When you live your fullest life, you become your whole self.