Week of 8/14 - 8/20

RUIS ELDER from the Celtic Tree Oracle deck.
Keywords - renewal, transformation, release, endings & beginnings. The Elder represents a threshold, a doorway you are approaching.  As you stand at the door, take time to review your year and to honor it.  Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of balance and discernment, is available to you, as is Hecate, the crone for the healthy composting of what no longer serves you.  It is time to clean up after the harvest, that which you have created in the last year.  Let go of that which is no longer relevant, but save the seeds of new hopes and new potentials that you will care for over the winter.  Elder's theme is "the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end."  It marks a time for personal withdrawal, retrospection and release.  Give yourself credit for what you accomplished.  Let go of your disappointments and forgive yourself for mistakes.

This card feels especially pertinent coming off the tail end of the full moon lunar eclipse as we get ready for the solar eclipse next week.  Add mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo and we have an excellent environment for really sorting out the details of what's falling away from us; to recognize the worth in what we've learned from it and to begin looking forward to the future with new eyes.  If this reading resonates with you, take it a step further this week and ground yourself with a favorite tree by sitting and leaning up against it for a renewed perspective.