Week of 8/27 - 9/3

QUERT APPLE from the Celtic Tree Oracle deck.
Keywords - choices, abundance, regeneration, beauty and decision.

She offers us such sweet fruit and in such variety, it is fitting that she is concerned with beauty and making choices among many good things.  She also reminds of us the unseen helpers that minister to the plant world.  With Apple, we honor the fairies, as well as the devas and nature spirits that play central role in the organization and proliferation of plant life on our planet.  She represents the mother aspect of the Goddess, our connection to our female lineages and to our ancestral homelands.  Glastonbury is sacred to this tree, as is the symbol of the pentacle, which can be seen at the core of an apple that has been sliced horizontally.  

This card is associated with abundance and reminds us that we are to be grateful for the many boons and blessings around us.  Appreciation is in order.  This card may also indicate a choice between two equally beautiful things.  Not an easy choice to make but it may be time to place your attention on one thing at the expense of another.  Hone in on your talents to do so.  Choose and then enjoy the sweetness of the apple that you picked.  Apple also connects us to our homelands.  Is it time to make a spiritual pilgrimage?  If this isn't possible, you can study the ancient spirituality of these places and find out more about your own lineage.

In the midst of great change we can feel lost or adrift on waves of circumstance.  By remembering to note the abundance and gifts around us we re-orient ourselves, our progress on our journey and set our sights on the magic we would like to bring in.  Focus on the vision that brings you the choice you want and take the first (or next step) towards it and watch the universe support you!