Week of 9/4 - 9/10

WHITE POPLAR / ASPEN from the Celtic Tree Oracle deck.
Keywords - adversity, endurance, determination, spiritual strength, courage, the small voice of God, guidance, encouragement, protection, rebirth, sacrifice.

These trees are hardy, fast growing, and strongly resistant.  They offer courage and endurance to help us overcome our troubles.  These trees also provide us protection and shielding from death, injury and misfortune.  The sound of the leaves of these trees carry messages from the spiritual realm.  We celebrate the fall equinox and we recycle and compost what is left of the harvest.  The cycle of this year of life is coming to a close.   Life dies so life can continue.

This card represents acknowledgement that you are dealing with adversity.  Troubles are like storms, they eventually end.  Sometimes you just have to hunker down and wait the tempest out.  In the midst of your troubles, when you are on your knees, you are more likely to ask for support and guidance.  Your guides and helpers are waiting for your invitation.  Go within and listen to that small voice you will find there.  This is where you will find solace, support, courage and wisdom.  Ask for what you need.  

You are offered protection and shielding as you move through difficulty.  You are encouraged to let go of that which is no longer yours, of that which has ended.  Challenges, loss and endings are part of the great round of life.  Old dreams end, and you are asked to begin to build new ones.  Rebirth is just around the corner.

This week's Full Moon in Pisces offers us the perfect opportunity to release the patterns and emotions that have been holding us back from the growth that beckons to us.  As you take in her beauty, close your eyes and imagine with your exhale that you are breathing a great wave of all that you wish to leave behind you.  When you open your eyes, thank Lady Luna and make a wish upon her to fill the space you've just created!