Week of 1/14 - 1/21


Keywords - adversity, endurance, determination, the small voice of God, guidance, courage, rebirth

The Eadha White Poplar and Aspen offers us the strength to deal with any adversity and promises success after your difficulties have ceased.  Troubles are like storms, they eventually end.  Sometimes you just have to hunker down and wait the tempest out.  In the midst of your troubles, when you are on your knees, you are more likely to ask for support and guidance.

Your guides and helpers are waiting for your invitation!  Go within and listen to that small voice you will find there.  This is where you will find solace, support, courage and wisdom.

Expect a meeting of the mysteries, the power of enchantment, magic and the moon.  You can expect to have a psychic or intuitive encounter.  Dreams and synchronicities are important.  Pay attention to your own intuition.  Meditation or contemplation time is important.

We are the Poplar and the Aspen.  As you experience the cold and quietness of Winter, take a moment to notice what cycle you are in within your own life.  Is it fall or winter for you now?  Challenges, loss, and endings are part of the cycle of life.  Perhaps this is a time to let go of regret and loss.  Let go of that which hinders and harms.  Let go of relationships and dreams that are over or complete.  You will grow new ones.