Week of 1/21 - 1/28


Keywords - journey, maternal ancestors, ocean, water, healing, emotion, the mysteries, female lineages

Mor The Sea represents out maternal links, our yearning to travel, and the element of water.  With Mor, we honor all the waters on the planet - including that in our own blood and bodies - and the unconscious and inner child.  The sea represents hidden knowledge and our ancestral lineages.  The Sea encourages us to take spiritual pilgrimages to learn about our roots and experience gratitude for them.  Mor also encourages the inner journey into the depth of our own souls.

Do you feel called to take a pilgrimage?  Perhaps it is time to take a trip that connects you to your ancestral homeland or your spiritual home.  Do you feel drawn to a spiritual pilgrimage to ancient power places and sacred lands?  Or you may be called to make an inner journey to reconnect with your deepest, most authentic self.

You may be called to help protect the waters of the planet.  This card indicates that it is time to offer your gratitude for the rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, waterways and oceans.  It is time to offer your gratitude for your own emotions and your tears.  What ways can you protect the waters where you are?

This card also indicates a time to delve into learning more about the mysteries and the power of the unconscious.  You might want to learn a form of spirituality that is connected to your own original ancestry or one that fits with your deepest heart's desires.  Mor The Sea invites you to dive deep and learn about healing practices to heal the emotional body.

Whichever message connects with you, be sure to take time to connect with your ancestors and ask them for guidance and help as you travel your chosen path - especially from your maternal links. Women and men are asked to connect with respect and veneration for the divine feminine.

I am Mor The Sea.  I am the river, the lake, the pond, the brook, the stream, the waterway, the sea and the ocean.  I am the well.  I am the water within your body and in your blood.  I am the rain and the storm and your tears.  I am life.  I am your past, present and future. I am all time and beyond time.  I am your soul's journey.  I am with you at the beginning, at birth and remain with you to your ending, at death.  I never cease to be, I go on forever, from form to form.  I am consciousness and the formless.  I am the God and the Goddess and I sustain you.

I am the source and the power of life.  You are a vessel for me.  You are an expression of me.  I am in love with you.  I am without judgment as I can only give you unconditional love.  I am here to remind you that you too are indeed a loving god or goddess with great power and potential, here as a steward to Mother Earth to create healing and beauty.  It is only but one choice away from manifestation at any moment.