Week of 1/28 - 2/4


Keywords - sexuality, strength, stability, grounding, endurance, doors and thresholds, boundaries

The Duir Oak brings in the sacred marriage, ensuring fertility for another season.  Whether between two people or balancing the masculine and feminine energies within oneself, we are embracing the magic of the green earth that sustains us.  This is a time of conception and the beginning of new life or ideas with the returning of the sun.

Duir Oak gifts us with strength and endurance, stamina and grounded stability.  Practicality, common sense and an ability to bring things to completion.  There is a desire to make things beautiful and to create.  Notice nature and spend some time our of doors.  This is a fertile time for conceiving a child, project, business or other creative endeavor.  Knowledge, information, guidance and wisdom are yours for the taking.  Expect synchronicities.  Doors are opening up for you and thresholds are meant to be crossed.

I am steady, faithful Oak.  Seek me out and sit with me.  I am old, strong and grounded.  I will take your troubles and let them flow into Mother Earth for their transmutation.  She knows what to do with the energy.  Breathe me in and breathe me out.  I will help you remember your true nature, your divinity.  You are loved and you are beautiful.  You have everything you need to manifest your dreams and desires.  It is time to begin.