Week of 2/11 - 2/18


Keywords - water, the moon, intuition, wisdom, insight, knowledge, sage advice, divination, clarity

Hazel is about compassion and love for our friends and families - as well as safety and protection, which are important aspects of mothering and nurturing.  She supports our emotional life and honors the moon as well as the waters of our planet.

Your spiritual lineages have something to say to you, especially your feminine ones. Take your intuition seriously and tune in to listen for nurturing messages.  Cycles are highlighted right now; as the moon turns darker to newness, what cycle are you in right now? Consider journaling, divination and meditation.  Pay attention to your dreams and creative urges...your inner muse is waiting to inspire you!

I represent your own inner wisdom.  I stand for the heart knowing that insures life and health for you and your situations. I am the birth of your own dreams and visions.  Now is a good time to use your divination tools or support others as a guide or helper.