Week of 2/18 - 2/25


Keywords - ancient knowledge and teachings, lineages, books, ancestors, guidance from the past

Phagos Beech is associated with ancient wisdom keepers.  The teachings from the past are stored in old objects, special power places upon the earth and writings. Beech is the mother of the woods and queen to the king, Oak.  She provides grounding and a strong foundation for any area of study or research.

You might be drawn particularly to ancient information and seek guidance from the ancient past. You might seek lost wisdom or guidance and information from your elders.  Perhaps you feel drawn to research your own lineages or travel to distant lands and sacred sites or countries that were home to your ancestors. It may be time to go back to school and devote yourself to a class, a program or study on your own.  If you are beginning a project, this tree offers you a strong foundation and stability.

I encourage the learning of wisdom. You may be involved in a project or endeavor that will take an entire year to complete. It may take great effort to complete and I encourage you to work hard and be diligent as this is your soul work. Connect to me for strength and guidance. I am the voice of your ancestors, whose aspirations are your own dreams and intentions and desires.