Week of 2/4 - 2/11


Keywords - abundance, sweetness, hope, connecting the inner and outer worlds, gathering what you need to make progress

The Ohn Furze/Gorse returns with a gift of fulfillment and abundance!  By sharing what we have with others we practice sweetness in our lives, preparing us to receive as well.

Develop the skill of collecting!  Gather around you what you need to reach your goal or destination; network your contacts, go to functions & make some new connections, wander your local bookstore to spark inspiration.  Consider what you are creating, what you are collecting...including good people around you for support.

I am the Furze/Gorse bush. I help you connect your inner and outer worlds to realize your desires and goals.  Write down your goals and aspirations, then imagine yourself surrounded in my color of yellow-gold to energetically charge yourself up with hope and faith.  Your sweetness attracts good things. 

And so it is!