Week of 3/11 - 3/18


Keywords - guidance, prophecy & divination, strength in a dispute, spiritual protection.

Fearn Alder reminds us that we have help in the unseen world through our animal totems, guardian spirits and angels.  We are being asked to listen to their messages by reconnecting to your own ancestors or spiritual lineage for guidance, information and support.  Be alert to synchronicities in your daily life, unusual dreams and record the wisdom you discover. (If you set the intention to be aware and remember, they will inform you and you'll be able to recall the wisdom more easily.)  Work from your inner sense of authority when dealing with others and mind your feelings, thoughts and visions.

There is no one on the planet that has your specific energy signature of expression of divinity and soul purpose. Look to what brings you joy to connect with your purpose. See what makes your heart sing.  This is the road that will lead to your fulfillment and sense of purpose in the world.  Just for today breathe in balance, breathe in calm.  Listen...wait...then the information you seek will come.