Week of 3/18 - 3/25


Keywords - fulfillment, delight, sudden insight, release, energy, illumination, completion of a task.

OIr Spindle represents sudden flashes of insight and brings illumination and clarity. She is about fulfillment and delight - the kind that comes after the completion of tasks. She encourages us to put aside our excuses, evasions and denial. We are encouraged to get to work and complete our goals so we can fulfill our aspirations. She helps us to do this so we can move forward and rewards us for doing the very best we can.

I bring you hope for the future. I sustain you with new light as you move towards your goals. I bring clarity and insight. I illuminate new possibilities. I am the promise of that which you long to create. I offer you the strength and encouragement to fulfill your goals. Gather what you need to complete a task or project. Get busy. I offer you sustenance to do the work that will ensure the fulfillment of your goals. We are partners in the business of applying energy to ideas and bringing plans to fruition.