Week of 3/25 - 4/1


Keywords - fertility, sexuality, strength, ability, grounding, endurance, ancient knowledge

Duir Oak grants us strength and endurance, stamina and grounded very needed at this time of Mercury Rx. Supporting us with common sense and an ability to bring things to completion, we may have a desire to make things beautiful and to create. It's a time of noticing nature and spending time outdoors to take in the beauty of the green earth. This card is also an indication of fertility for conceiving a project, a child, business or other creative endeavor. Sensuality, sexuality and the sacred act of creation are celebrated.

I am the steady, faithful Oak. Sit with me; I will take your troubles and let them flow into Mother Earth for their transmutation. She knows what to do with the energy. I am the promise of spring. You can see my energy in the budding flowers, all of the little wild animals in nature, they come to gather under my sacred space. Come and sit. I will help you remember your true nature. You are perfect already. You have everything you need to manifest your dreams and desires.