Week of 3/4 - 3/11


Keywords - renewal, transformation, release, regeneration, death, rebirth, ending and beginning.

Ruis Elder represents a threshold, a doorway you are approaching.  As you stand at this door, take a moment to review all the knowledge you have collected over the past two months; the full moons of February and January brought much to light for consideration. With these lessons and experiences you are changed, ready for the next chapter.  The theme is "the end is the beginning and in the beginning, the end." With spring around the corner, we're in that moment of nurturing the tender seed in the dark rich soil of our heart and mind.  By preparing ourselves and our environment for who we are becoming, we can safely bring our new tender selves out into the sun.

I represent completions. I am here to guide you as you let go of the past and review what has been created up to this point. I see your joys and your disappointments. I honor you for everything that you have experienced in this ending cycle of growth.  I support you totally as you bring things to an end and I encourage you as you look to the future, to bright new horizons.