Week of 4/15 - 4/22


Keywords - silence, meditation, prayer, connection with spirit and ancestors, Great Spirit

Koad Grove is inviting us to take one more pause before taking action by connecting with spirit, with your ancestors, your guides and your angels for any communication on those decisions that seem to have you stuck. While this is a week of forward movement with Mercury going direct and the new moon that takes place on Sunday as well, not everyone is in the same space and ready for action. Honor that for your Self. If you need more information before you take action, take the time to find it. This is the moment of seeking the answers for your questions and including the spiritual world to assist you in getting them. If you don't consider yourself to be a spiritual person, opt for time in nature. Being in nature or even a park is the next closest thing to being near the source of Great Spirit, that part of creation that is within us all.

We are Koad Grove and we send you love. You can find us in the grove of trees as we create a sacred space, a holy place. We will hold you and ground your energy to bring you back to center, back to your essence. If you can't reach us physically, imagine a favorite place of yours with tree and imagine yourself standing there. The energetic result is the same. We'll lead you straight into your heart and into the realm of no space and time so that you may reach understanding, insight and possibility. We will help you to know exactly what is right for you in the next moment and the moments to come.