Week of 4/29 - 5/6


Keywords - the microcosm and the macrocosm, reflections, mirrors, uniting inner and outer worlds.

Nuin Ash asks us to connect with our own inner tree, to find our center where our inner and outer world meets. This is where we experience "as above, so below" and is a place of great guidance. This place links us to universal knowledge and can help you understand yourself - your thoughts, feelings and actions. Access this knowledge by paying attention to your dreams (see a theme developing here?). Seek communication with your higher self and with divinity. Follow your intuition and the dictates of your higher heart and mind. Pay attention to what is showing up in your life.

Your outer world reflects your inner world.

I have come to tell you it is safe to dive into your interior world. Here you can receive guidance, healing and assurance. If you find that you are not moving forward, try to practice patience and keep your intentions clear. Sometimes you are asked to wait for the perfect alignment between the right moment and what you desire. Check in. Sometimes restraint is necessary as the Universe lines up the building blocks for what you want to manifest. I am here to teach you patience and faith.