Week of 4/8 - 4/15


Keywords - bounty and abundance, intuition, wisdom, knowledge, sage advice, divination

Coll Hazel highlights feminine nature, the principle of receptivity and mystery as well as the Goddess Sophia of higher wisdom. Take some quiet time to tune in to your spiritual heritages or if you don't follow one, your female ancestral lineage. To assist in tuning in, find a body of water to sit by to allow the energy of receptivity to flow. Accepting the space you're currently in and allowing the energy to flow through you will help you to sync with the current cycle, reducing friction and resistance. Also pay attention to your dreams and creative urges as they have gifts for you.

I am Coll Hazel, representing that small, still voice inside you that is sometimes hard to hear (but persists nonetheless!) I am the birth of your own dreams and visions. Use your divination tools or find someone who can help you unravel the layers. Our heart is the heart of the earth, with a wisdom that can be found all around you in nature.