Week of 5/20 to 5/27 

Keywords: Uniting inner and outer worlds, mirrors, reflections, the microcosm and macrocosm, As above, so below...


With all the changes that we've been experiencing, it's no surprise that Nuin Ash is back to guide us with going within to witness and honor the process each of us is going through. Old structures are being destroyed and released, the subconscious is being cleared out to make room for who we are becoming, the growth that is taking place.

Less doing more being. Take the time to go out in nature, slow down and listen. What messages are coming through for you right now? Try journaling in the morning, writing down everything that comes up in dreamtime or your first thoughts of the day. This will allow the messages to come through more clearly for you and as you begin to question, answers from your intuition will guide you.

I am the stately Nuin Ash. I have come to tell you it is safe to dive deeply into your interior world to receive healing, guidance and assurance. If you find that you are not moving forward, try practicing patience and keep your intentions clear. I am here to teach you patience and faith.