Week of 5/27 to 6/3 

Keywords: water, the moon, bounty and abundance, intuition, wisdom, insight, knowledge, sage advice, divination, creative pursuits, clarity.


The Coll Hazel is about compassion and love for our friends and families - as well as safety and protection, which are important aspects of mothering and nurturing. She supports our emotional life, honoring the moon and the waters of our planet. She also brings clarity when we seek advice.

Feminine nature, changing of the moon, the lunar principle of receptivity and mystery are all relevant now. Your female lineages and your spiritual lineages have something to say to you now; take some time to tune in and listen for their nurturing messages. Take your intuition seriously, find some time to sit by a body of water near your home. A lake, the ocean, a river or a stream are all nurturing and soothing to the spirit at this time. Cycles also play a part in this time; what cycle are you in - letting go and releasing with the fullness of the moon or imagining and planning with the darkness of the new moon?

I represent your own inner wisdom. I am that small, still voice inside that is sometimes hard to hear. I stand up for the heart wisdom that insures life and health for you, your situations and your mother planet. You'll find my speaking in a babbling brook or a dense forest. You'll find me in the fullness of the summer sun and the coolness of the moon. I am the birth of your own dreams and visions. Now is a good time to use your divination tools.