Week of 5/6 - 5/13


Keywords - the feminine principle, cooperation, fertility, intuition, creativity, community

Saille Willow represents the feminine principle. This a period of the quickening of the creative principle and the element of fire (hello Beltane!). We celebrate the magic that sparks the seed deep within the earth (and within us) to begin to grow.

Expect a meeting of the mysteries, the power of enchantment, magic and the moon. You might have a psychic or intuitive encounter. Dreams and synchronicities are important. Pay attention to your own intuition. Meditation or contemplation time is important!

I am a tree that supports you in honoring your feelings. When you are having an emotional moment, be kind to yourself. Treat all of your emotions with kindness; once they have your attention they will diminish. That is all they want. Your unconditional love and attention is everything, acting like the perfect mother to yourself. You are a child of the vast universe and you are precious.

Forgive yourself and allow healing to take place before you lay down your grievances and forgive others. All acts of forgiveness are really for your own healing.