We live in a culture of now; there are thousands of apps, gadgets and social media outlets aimed at our desires. Yet when we reach out for these things we often find ourselves dissatisfied on some level and hunger for more. The root of desire is based in what we really, deeply want and what is driving us to seek things out. This can be the subconscious, the mind or the heart in control at any given time…and sometimes it’s a combination! In order to get what we deeply desire (I call it the soul’s desire) there are a few basic steps we can follow to help bring it into form, so that we can really have it or at least begin to see it come together.

This all begins with how we talk to ourselves. What does your inner dialogue sound like? If there’s any disagreement within or you’re discounting your own ideas and insights, this is where we can begin. Try to notice what tone your thoughts have. If it seems focused on the negative, catch it and then consciously say “No.” Redirect your attention to something more positive or try to reframe the thoughts in an optimistic way. The challenge is the practice but once you have a feel for it, it’s very rewarding and prepares you for the next step!

Once you put some practice in, the next step is speaking your truth. This can be in the form of your dreams, goals and desires…speaking them into being. We often block ourselves unintentionally when we get to this step, saying what we are wanting or creating in our life and then placing a ‘but’ somewhere in the same sentence. This is a verbal energetic block. The practice is to remove the ‘but’ and see what unfolds differently for us. The thing is, our words and our thoughts are so powerful that when we pray, do ritual or perform ceremony our state of mind and the words we use reinforce the actions we do. This is where the magick comes in and alchemy happens!

We’ve all seen this happen on a smaller scale; talking about a friend with someone and then you bump into that person on the street or they send you a message. Even starting small to experiment with the power of our words and thoughts can be helpful. Try wondering aloud about something random, like “I wonder what (insert a person’s name here) is up to today?” and then let that thought go. Turn your attention to something else. Soon enough you’ll forget about it entirely until that person gets in touch with you or you’ll see some news on social media about them. Then try something larger. “I wish I had an extra $20 for __________.” Then forget about it and see what happens next. This is how we begin to play with lining up our thoughts and words with what we desire.

It’s easier to manifest the smaller things because less desire is attached to them and of course the bigger things we tend to want more. It’s not so much that it’s about the size of the thing, it’s the size of the desire. When we practice detachment to the things we want most by trusting that it will come to us with intention and focused action, we free ourselves to live in the moment. Living in the moment opens us up to synchronicity and the joyful signs of things unfolding in a way that lets us know that we’re in flow with our creatrix power!

*Originally published on The House of Twigs*