Week of 6/3 to 6/10

Keywords: fulfillment, sudden insight, release, energy, completion of a task, your best efforts, illumination


The Oir Spindle represents sudden flashes of insight and brings illumination and clarity. This process is aided by the recent transit of the full moon in Sagittarius, bringing new information to light that we might not have previously been aware of. She asks us to put aside our excuses, evasions and denial. We are encouraged to get to work and complete our goals so we can fulfill our aspirations.

Remember that you are a being of light and to see the light in every situation you encounter. By doing so you are rewarded with sudden insight and clarity. You are promised fulfillment but you must do the work! Choose to do your best and apply your energy to the tasks at hand.

I bring you hope for the future. I sustain you with new light as you move towards your goals. I bring clarity and insight. I am the promise of that which you long to create. What inspires you? How can you keep that inner light burning, even in great darkness? I help you embrace change and appreciate your own insight and sudden flashes of knowing. I am here to remind you of your awesome potential and creative nature.