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Week of 6/10 to 6/17

Keywords: cooperation, the moon and her cycles, water, emotion, creativity, community, the feminine principle.


The Saille Willow encourages peace and harmony with others and with the natural world. She teaches us to embrace our emotions and to express them. A meeting of the mysteries is in order; enchantment, magic and the moon are all supporting us in this highly energetic time. You may experience a psychic encounter; dreams and synchronicities are important as well. Pay attention to your own intuition.

Spend time in nature and notice the cycle of things. If you find yourself to be moodier than usual, allow the feelings to arise and the tears to flow. Willow has everything to do with feminine energy and so supports you in any issues related to sexuality, fertility, reproduction, birthing or mothering. She offers you healing if you are going through grief or loss related to these themes. Do something creative to allow the expression to move through you.

I am the Willow, a tree that supports you in honoring your feelings. When you are having an emotional moment, be kind to yourself. Treat all of your emotions with kindness. When they have your attention, they will diminish. Your unconditional love and attention to yourself is everything. I represent the Great Mother, Gaia, and I send my healing love. I am here to hug and hold you. You are a child of the vast universe, and you are precious.