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Clean Out the Emotional House: Do an energetic inventory

We often hear about energetic clearing to create sacred space in our homes by removing stuck energy but energy drainage can come in different forms. Have you ever noticed when you’re around certain people, you find yourself doing a yawn even though you were feeling energized an hour earlier? Or when you leave someone’s company after hanging out with them for a few hours, have you felt like you needed a nap? How about when you spend time in certain places or establishments and all of a sudden you feel tired and dragging?

These are symptoms of energetic drainage and you’re not imagining it! Sometimes when we spend time with our friends and acquaintances we might feel energized at first but then it’ll slowly decline into a brain fog accompanied by the urge to yawn but not a complete yawn (no deep breaths are taken). When this happens it’s because there is always an energy exchange happening between ourselves and the ones we care about but if that person’s energy is low or they’re not practicing self-care to replace their own energy, they might pull from our energy fields unintentionally. When we visit certain places or establishments that might have heavy or negative energy hanging around it a similar process happens; it pulls from our energy as well, making us feel tired.

There are actions we can take in both scenarios. For starters, creating an energy shield will make a big difference in how you feel and function. Secondly, we can do an energetic inventory to see which people or places might not be in alignment with who we really are or what we’re doing. Once we do this we can choose our level of interaction with them. This way we can see how we feel and build our energy up again. Then after some time passes, try interacting again with the person or place to see if there’s a change or if it’s something or someone we can really do without.

Building an Energy Shield

To do this we’re going to work with the earth to create a shield so that we can stay grounded and present in our own energy:

– Begin by seeing yourself on the earth in relation to the earth’s core or center. There’s always a direct line between your heart and the heart of the earth.

– Ask the earth if you may use some of her energy. Picture your heart chakra or the area around your heart expanding and offer some of your energy to her first.

– Then see some of the earth’s energy coming from her center up towards you on the surface of the earth. I always imagine it as golden colored (like her fiery lava) but whatever color it presents itself to you as and feels “right” is correct!

– See this golden energy gathering itself into a large ball a few inches under your feet.

– Pull the energy from the ball up and around you, like a cocoon and bring it together at the top so you are sealed in.

– See that the energy ball is still also connected to the earth’s line of energy from her core. As you move or walk around you are protected and connected by her energy.

Doing Energetic Inventory

Sometimes we get to a point where we realize that it’s time to let go of a relationship, whether it’s a romantic partnership or a friendship. It can also be a familial relationship where perhaps more distance is needed in order for it to function in a healthy manner or it might be time to let that go as well, for the meantime.

There are also certain relationship styles that can be draining, such as one-way interactions. If you’re doing all the “work” in a friendship or partnership, it’s definitely time to speak up about it to see if the balance of give-and-take can be remedied. If not, it’s time to move on and save your energy for a healthier interaction. Also, these one-way interactions can sometimes take on the form of emotional manipulation or using the relationship in some way for the person’s benefit. If the person isn’t there for you the way you’re there for them, it’s time to move on.

Another example of this is the “Dumper”. The signs of being in this kind of interaction are feeling worn, tired or sleepy after interacting with the person for an hour or longer. If you feel like this is a pattern, take a closer look at how the relationship is playing out. Are you taking on their problems, always lending a sympathetic ear? Does the person ask about you and show concern for the events that are happening in your life? When the two of you talk, do you get a minute of airtime and then the rest of the conversation is dominated by the person? These are all signs that there is an unequal exchange of energy happening. This situation can be addressed with a conversation or if you feel that a conversation is not worth the energy either, it’s safe to become less available over time to place some distance between yourself and the person.

Places that drain you of your energy might be unavoidable, especially if you live in a house with roommates that are inconsiderate with the space or in their dealings with you. In a situation like this, it’s better to use the shielding technique and focus on creating a sacred space in your own personal space so that you have more control over your environment. If you have to work in a place that drains you the shielding technique is really the best way to go, at least until you find a more supportive place to work! Sometimes bars and clubs – the places we tend to seek out to let off steam and have fun – can actually drain us energetically. If you find this to be the case, put your shield on and go enjoy yourself! Then when you begin feeling the drain, take it as a sign to go home and get some rest.

Tending to our emotional and energetic health is important, especially as we’re becoming more sensitive to our environments. Listening to our bodies and feelings as they pick up on things can make the difference in how we manage our time and ultimately, our ability to manifest!

Originally published on 7/13/18 for The House of Twigs