Week of 7/9 - 7/23

Keywords: healing, spiritual development, all heal, making contact with the spiritual dimensions

UR HEATHER represents healing and spiritual development, acting as a gateway between the worlds. Protective and providing good luck while helping us manifest our wishes and stimulating our dreams.

Pay attention to dreams, visions and synchronicities as these can provide healing. You might also experience communication with the spirit world via divine intervention. Prayer or meditation is helpful as is ritual if you're so inclined. Spend time in nature as well.

I am Heather and I'm here to remind you that you create the beauty of your life, through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, and activities. Cultivate beautiful thoughts, and beautiful creations will bloom into your life. This is the law of manifestation in this dimension that I share with you.

I can help you manifest your wishes and can come to you in your dreams. Like the Great Mother, we are here unconditionally for you. Breathe in our love and let the magic of the unseen world wash you clean. There is no need for doubt, as you were born to grow, to expand, and to evolve.