Week of 9/2 - 9/16

Keywords: healing, spiritual development, meditation, Source, Great Spirit, the Mystery, divinity, sacred places, connection with spirit

This week when I shuffled, two cards jumped out and in hindsight it's no surprise; Spirit is accommodating for the longer period of time between readings :)

So we have Heather/Mistletoe and Koad Grove.

Heather represents spiritual development and provides an energetic passageway between the worlds. As we end summer and prepare for the fall, we're reminded of Persephone's journey back to the Underworld after having celebrated the spring and summer seasons with her mother Demeter. This is the time to reap what we've sown and to course correct where we might have gone astray from our path towards what we want. Heather is here to help us manifest our wishes by providing a closer relationship with Spirit and enables healing for us.

Koad Grove reinforces the reconnection to what is spiritually meaningful to us as well and reminds us to show gratitude for what we have received so far to feel our abundance. A time to sit in silence and contemplate the ending season and finding community that supports you in celebrating what you've accomplished, as well as what you'd like to cultivate for the coming months.

I am Heather, here to remind you that you create the beauty of your life. Remember your potential and your possibility. Cultivate beautiful thoughts and beautiful creations will bloom into your life.

We are Koad Grove and we send you love. We hold you, ground you and attune you to your higher self. We can help you contemplate the mysteries and the magic of existence. We will help you to know exactly what is right for you in the next moment, and all the moments to come.