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Let's take a break to have coffee together? ..

This thought comes to mind when I leave the Basilica of San Nicola in Bari, and I see someone humbly waiting for a coin in front of the door. I always give one euro or two for a coffee or a coffee & croissant, not because I can't give more, but because inside me there is a feeling that it's like a pending coffee given out of coffee house :), it`s that possibility to share a dream, happiness, to share Eros .. All life exists through Eros, all life comes from him.

The flower in my hair looks so beautiful - did you notice it? It's the flower of almond. It's Eros.

A bird that sings in the morning near your working place is so beautiful; did you notice that this bird’s song is an invitation from Eros? Invitation to have a coffee together is also the invitation from Eros ... because here in the south of Italy we drink coffee with almond milk, and even this union of words is warm, native and erotic, in the best sense of the word.

The ancient Greeks considered Eros the oldest and at the same time the youngest of the gods, which is at the source of all things and at the same time is always unpredictable and omnipresent ... In Greek culture Eros is what makes you move towards something, a divine principle that pushes towards beauty. It is not the desire of the human body, it is a divine gift. It is a pleasure! Just like coffee...

You don't take a simple sip of energy, but participate in the great festival of Being! Wherever there is beauty there is Eros: ninety-nine out of a hundred know Eros as sexual satisfaction and do not know the meaning of true pleasure, of Kundalini energy ...

It is believed that the awakening of Kundalini gives you the state of liberation and you feel the highest bliss. This state is also described as self-realization, awareness of Paramatma, unity with the absolute root cause, with Devi (Shakti), Shiva and the Supreme Brahman. 

You are aware of the unity of the microcosm and the macrocosm, aware of everything that exists as a single consciousness and gets rid of the illusion of duality and feel unified. Poor human words aren't able to explain this feeling! 

The awakening of Kundalini and the attainment of a state of liberation are associated with the practice of meditation, concentration, purification of the conscience and the body. It is believed that Kundalini can also awaken following the reception of blessings from a guru, a person who has already awakened this energy. 

There is Eros in you and in me, but it is more important that it's halfway between us ... right in this cup of coffee you hold in your hand. Have you noticed that the edge of the cup that you lead to your lips looks like a smile)? It is because it knows of our meeting.

The busy world does not notice that we are here .. :)

But the edge of the cup of coffee knows that we are.. 

among our embracing souls, 

among our searching bodies, 

among our hearts in the night

when everybody is sleeping, 

when the world turns off the lights and the sky lights up the stars ..

And nobody but you will ever find out

that I am waiting for you

on the edge of the cup of coffee ..

We are an invisible reality, we are a journey!

The sun is kissing our skin,

the smell of the universe is in our breath...

We are the secret of God.

We are made of you and me

and our fruit is hidden from the world,

We are free to dream ..

In silence we drink coffee like the others

and we don't drink it like the others..

Because nobody except us will ever find out that we are waiting for each other

on the edge of the coffee cup …

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