Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for February


The month of February brings us closer to the stirrings of Spring; Imbolc is the sabbat that marks only six more weeks till the seedlings begin to poke their green heads curiously out into the sunlight. It’s also the celebration of Brigid, one of the goddesses who will be sharing their energy with us for this month’s messages. This is also the month of love as many celebrate Valentine’s day or embrace the opportunity to increase self-love for oneself. We all breathe a collective sigh in the season of Aquarius, having made it through the first month of the new year! The goddesses I’ll be transmitting this month are Brigid, Nut and Yemaya. Their energies are here to support us at a time when it can be all too easy to become disheartened with the cold and lingering darkness…

Brigid…I am the Celtic goddess of metalsmithing, poetry, healing and divination and I am happy to support you – If you are willing to take action. Do you not remember who you are? You are a child of creation, borne of fire and passion. It lives in you still but it is a fire that must be attended, lest your light grow dim. I have no patience for self-pity, all opportunities are created between your intuition, willpower and the workings of the Universe. It is a large wheel that turns but you must apply your desire for it to turn in your favor. Capture your thoughts and inspiration before they escape you; you would be well served by what you record and note, for the future comes into shape as you do so. I bring the courage to believe in oneself and the gifts you carry – use them well!

Nut…I am the Egyptian goddess of the sky and the mother of gods. I am here to uplift your vibration when you are feeling heavy. When the world becomes too much, lift your eyes to the sky and watch how I flow with the clouds, the wind and the birds. Watch the sky and the moon as they travel across me every day, bringing you warmth and lighting your path. At the time of the highest sun, when the clouds take a rest, I am the bluest you will ever see me. I reflect the truth through your throat chakra and wisdom through your third eye. Raise your face to me, close your eyes and allow my energy to soothe your own.

Yemaya…I am the Yoruba / African goddess of freshwater, lakes, rivers and streams; this is where you’ll find my bounty. Don’t forget the oceans and seas, for I feed them too. My knowing is your knowing and I bring that deep sense of peace when you find yourself at the water’s edge or immersed in a tub filled with sea-salted water. My power is vast; I love and nurture like a mother, I cleanse you of energies that weigh you down, I provide sustenance. The sound of me rushing over rocks or lapping at the shore is my voice, the sand and the stones my skin and bones, the water weeds my hair. My dress flows all around you when you swim in me…see those shimmering waves? I welcome you with open arms and a heart of unconditional love. I can help you to release what you no longer need to carry but don’t know how to put down. I’ll help you to be still and reconnect with your inner senses. I am Yemaya.

These are the goddess energies available to us for growth, transformation and love this month. We can use these energies for our endeavors in creating and manifesting; here are some suggestions on how to engage with each deity:

Brigid…She loves unabashed self-expression through crafting and creating; you can connect with her by taking a class in a new art form, looking into oracle and tarot cards to align more deeply with your intuition or pick up a book on healing plants and herbs.

Nut…She appreciates wide open spaces, stargazing and connecting with creatures of flight. To connect with Nut, take a long walk at sunset or during the early morning hours to gaze upon the beautiful colors lighting up the sky and make a wish upon the first star you see. Listen for birdsong and allow the sounds to uplift you; when the birds take flight let them carry your worries with them.

Yemaya…She adores bodies of water large and small as well as the natural environments that surround them. Connecting with Yemaya is as simple as a walk by a river or stream or taking a long, luxurious bath with your favorite salts and essential oils! Allow her to nurture you by meditating in the bath; imagine that you’re releasing any unwanted energies picked up along the way into the bath water, feeling your body and spirit grow lighter and brighter as you do so. When you pull the stopper, do so with the intention that all of that energy will be leaving your space and transformed into positive energy by the universe.

February is a wonderful month to get your bearings after a feisty January! The new year came in with a rush and now we have a moment to feel our feet on the ground, take a deep breath and move forward with an open heart into the ever-unfolding future. If you feel called to dig in a little deeper, I have online courses available to assist you in your manifesting process (bit.ly/magicmanifest) as well as the ongoing art of self love (bit.ly/embodylovenow). Be well and see you in March!

Originally written by Winter and published on The House of Twigs