Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for March


Merry meet and merry March! We welcome in the stirrings of Ostara and the exciting new energy that Spring brings with it. The divine feminine has been slumbering, resting, rejuvenating and transforming, preparing for her debut as the cold slowly gives way to more and more sunlight. Cycles are ever present as we watch the plants begin to wake up, the temperatures grow a bit milder and our internal fire motivates us to plan for the season ahead. I present the goddesses of Spring for this month: Hathor, Ostara and Persephone. Here are their messages for us, channeled so that we may use them as a tool to move forward with heart and confidence…

Hathor… I am the Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty, music, fertility, dance and joy. This is a time to be free and explore. Let your curiosity and creativity lead you to the most unexpected places. Much will be gained through focused play and the appreciation of new things. The energy of this time is fertile for allowing your heart energy to lead you – to make sense of what is nonsensical and misunderstood through the means of feelings instead of logic. Hold space for your inner child and rediscover your essence, your soul-being. Much will be revealed through innocent play as space opens up and new layers unfold.

Ostara… I am the Germanic Goddess of Spring and the dawn. Be gentle with yourself; transformation has a delicacy to it that must be minded or else it is all too easy to hide and avoid it. Be gentle with who you are becoming; tender and new like the first buds of Spring. There is much expectation but there is no hurry; everything happens in perfect timing. Release the old and the past with compassion, they brought you here but there is no need to carry them further. Be content in the now, in this precious moment and the beauty that is unfolding within you. Respect and honor your process for it is uniquely your own. Allow yourself the time and space you need; rebirth and renewal is at hand.

Persephone… I am the Greek Goddess of the Spring and Queen of the Underworld. I am of the light and of the dark; the innocence and of the shadow. The fear and the courage. I am here to light your way back to who you truly are, through delicious duality. I can help you balance these seeming opposites so that you can emerge from your process with strength, confidence and knowing. We will integrate the wisdom gathered during the deep, dark stillness of Winter so that we can use it to build anew in the Spring and beyond. I will help you honor all of your parts so that you may own the authenticity of your being. I did not choose to go down the dark path willingly; not many of us do. It is how we emerge from the depths that builds who we are.

These are the goddess energies available to us for growth, transformation and love this month. We can use these energies for our endeavors in creating and manifesting; here are some suggestions on how to activate each deity…

Hathor…Interacting with this divine energy can involve loving yourself up in a variety of ways; taking yourself out to your favorite place to eat, visiting a beautiful garden, going to a great art show or dance party…She’s all about engaging your senses!

Ostara…Her divine energy is quietly introspective, with lots of journaling and taking your time to really observe your process. Playing soothing, uplifting music in your home space to raise the vibration or doing gentle stretches before you go to bed…she can help you ease the discomforts that come with transformation through nurturing and patience.

Persephone…She embraces the duality of nature, so by playing with opposites she can help bring you into balance. Moving from masculine energy with yang activities to feminine energy with stillness and reflection…or following up a healthy activity with something sweet and a bit naughty…see where the experimentation takes you!

Enjoy the adventure and see you in April <3

Originally written by Winter for The House of Twigs