Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for April


The month of April ushers in new beginnings in so many wonderful ways! We have the fiery season of Aries, the firstborn of the zodiac who brings us the spark of initiation and action. We have the beginnings of a new astrological cycle and we also have the start of a whole new growing cycle for manifestation. The divine goddesses of this month bring us the gifts of dance, music, sensuality, creation and protection. These energetic gifts are perfect for this time of year as we plant the seeds of new ideas, new ways of being and inspiring new doings. Presenting the Goddess Bast and the Goddess Gaia…

Bast… I am the Egyptian Goddess of dance, music and sensuality. Sit in your power. I bring to you the delights of your own body. Revel in its physicality. Love your lines and your curves. Love the swing of your walk and the movement of your hips to your favorite song. Listen to the sounds that uplift you; this includes people as well as music. The vibration we all carry is enhanced by our surroundings so make them pleasurable! When you sense that which is not aligned with your joy, your sense of love and feelings of good…give it a closer look to see if it is truly worth your time and energy. The time is now; be in the moment with fullness and don’t settle for less that which you desire.

Gaia… I am the Greek Goddess of Creation. I am the mother of mothers and I am here to show you the infinite power within you to create. I have birthed children of all kinds – of the heavens, of the sea and giants of the earth to populate the world, so that it may come into being. My lifeforce is yours; we are one and the same. Giving birth to creation looks differently for everyone, be it child or be it inspired idea. I am the mountains, the forests, the oceans, the seas; everything earthbound or buried within it is me. Take delight in your power to create, for it is a precious one. Protect your creations as they grow into being.

When taking intentional action towards your goals and manifestations, it can be helpful to connect with these divine feminine energies. Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Bast… She loves the sensual so we can access her in that realm of sensation. Think of your most favorite delicious treats and imagine eating them slowly, taking your time with every bite. Or luxuriate in your being by drawing a warm bath with sea salts and essential oils. Don’t forget a candle or two for some sexy lighting. Bask in your gloriousness!

Gaia… She is earthy, loving and protective. She’s also strong, nurturing and has faith in her creations. Connect with her energy by taking wildflower seeds and planting them in unexpected places for pops of beauty – around the outside of your house, apartment building, or neighborhood area. Another wonderful way to connect with her is by carrying a bit of birdseed on you if you’re going to the park or planning a hike to share with the birds you meet along the way. Loving and supporting Gaia’s creatures and beautifying her spaces help to connect you to her blessings.

Light your fires and I’ll meet you in May <3

Originally written by Winter and published in The House of Twigs