Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for May


Beltane, fertility and flowers, oh my!! The energy of May is lush, colorful and bright with a steaminess that slowly sets in…preparing us for the heat and exuberance of the summer to follow. As a May baby (yet named after the coldest season) I can fully appreciate the excitement this month brings as the Spring really begins to take hold! The temperatures start to firmly place themselves in the 70’s (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and hemlines get shorter. The birds, the bees and the butterflies dance among the flowering trees and we ready ourselves for a new cycle to begin! The divine feminine energy this month reflects the season, bringing us the goddesses of focused creation, wildness, sexuality and personal dominion: Artemis, Maeve and Sheelah-Na-Gig.

Artemis… The night is dark but I help you to see as though it were as bright as day. I am the huntress and the wilderness is my home. I protect the animals and the plants. I hunt those who come to seek and take, guiding them to the truth pulling them along the way. I make sure fairness is at hand and nothing escapes my gaze. My sight is as sharp as my bow and arrow, let me assist you in keeping your focus and your dreams close to you so that they may flourish. I also represent chastity; when we create we use our sacral/sexual energy and I can help you to focus your passion as an individual so that you can accomplish your dreams.

Maeve… The power of sexuality is a potent one and holds the key to your personal dominion, your power. I choose how I wish to present myself and make no apologies for my passionate ways as I create my life. If it doesn’t ignite your soul, it’s not worth the energy! My confidence comes from knowing who I am and what I want. If I am ever unsure, I use my senses to feel my way forward until the path through is clear again. I demand respect and cherish my independence as well as my individuality, yet I am also aware of my magnetism. I can help you to connect to these same qualities within yourself, so that you can manifest as you wish!

Sheelah-Na-GigFragrant, wild and juicy. Breathless, passionate and exuberant. I am the lustiness that powers the Spring, bursting forth with the tender buds, colorful flowers, busy bees and beautiful butterflies. Take a deep breath in and inhale me. Feel the sun on your face. Remove some layers. Look at the brilliant green of the grass…let’s lie here for awhile. The pulse of the earth mother runs through my blood and my sacred gate is ready to receive the seed that will create new life. Spread open wide like the grin on my face, let’s celebrate the new cycle and bring even more beauty into this world!

Here are some ways to connect with the goddess energies in an intentional way for your manifesting this month…

Artemis… She’s the wild child running through the forest. Take a long walk through the park, along the trail or in the woods. Take your time and breathe in deeply. If the weather & temperature permit, remove your shoes and walk barefoot where you can. Find a stream or a river and rinse your hands or dip your feet in. Use all of your senses to immerse yourself in the environment.

Maeve… She is earthy, feisty and commands attention. Wear some flowers or feathers in your hair, put on your favorite outfit that makes you feel fantastic. Flirt with a passing pup, smile at a handsome stranger. Enjoy your drink and eats with gusto. Laugh from your belly and stop to smell some flowers along the way. If you see something you want, go for it! No apologies!

Sheelah-Na-Gig… If there was ever a time to implement some sex magick, it would be now! Your yoni is a magical place and having a partner is optional. It’s time to create through pleasure; visualize your deepest wishes and dreams while enjoying the heady physicality of your body. The imagination is your tool and your pleasure is the vehicle!

Have fun, run wild and be safe <3

Originally written by Winter and published in The House of Twigs